Is this RTW itinerary valid?

Hi Guys, I have now got enough points and wondering if the following journey is possible given the rules of the RTW Ticket. How hard will this be to achieve given I am only a Bronze FF, I know that I will probably have to book my flights one year in advance for Europe but how ill that work for the santiago flights given that you can’t book more than 1 year in advance? Will I just have to pay an extra 5k points to extend my flight when it becomes available?

Yes there are two general pieces of advice to anyone planning an RTW trip out of Australia.

  1. Book as you go. As in, as the calendar opens, you should add flights to your existing booking as award availability comes in before anyone else books it.
  2. Rely on partners. As you have said, as a Bronze FF, people with higher status will access award availability earlier than you, leaving you with limited options. This can be a big problem such as in those santiago legs. Airlines with typically good business award availability include Japan Airlines, British Airways (beware of their surcharges though), Finnair and Cathay Pacific.
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Is it ok to pass through Sydney twice?
I take it you are stopping there. I think the rules say you can pass through a city twice, but only stop in a city once?