Is there going to be another Velocity 30% redemption discount in February 2019?

Hi Point Hackers

Last year Velocity had a 30 % redemption discount in February does anyone know if they will be having it again this year?

I am ready to redeem and am trying to get the best value for my points i do have enough for a business class ticket to HK it seems like a good value redemption and is available .

I don’t want to miss the redemption but don’t want to waste points if a special is just around the corner ( i am no points millionaire )

If anyone has some info it would be much appreciated.

My guess is that the current double Status Credits promotion (which wasn’t run last year) is this year’s Velocity February promotion and that the 30% redemption discount won’t be run again, at least not for a while. I have no inside information, though. I suppose there is a small possibility that after the double SC promo ends on Feb 12, it will be soon replaced by a redemption discount promotion. So you might like to wait until after Feb 12 to see what happens.

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Hi Sixtyeight

Thanks for your reply ,its great to get another perspective i have had a few days off work and have driven myself a bit crazy looking at redemption’s ,airfares and destinations ( it’s such a first world problem ).

Anyway i think i will just wait a few days till the after 12th and see if anything happens or i might just pay for an airfare and keep saving my points towards a bigger redemption for next year.

Thanks for the advice.