Is there anything wrong with this One World RTW itinerary?

Hi All,

Just started planning a RTW trip and trying to work out an Itinerary.

This is what i have so far and wondering if it fits in with all the rules etc


stop overs are CapeTown, London, Calgary and Lima.

Looking at the multi city on Qantas site, I need to fly to SYD from BNE for a flight to CapeTown, would this make the trip invalid or is the transfer ok?

from CapeTown i have to travel through Doha to get to LHR - Any better options?

The Calgary to Lima looks to go through LAX also.

My head is spinning, is there a site that does all the routing for you or do you just have ot use the qantas multi city to search etc?

Thanks fellow travellers

I recall someone suggesting there is a oneworld planning tool.

Never used it before but may be this here?


If this is a points booking then your itinerary is not possible. It will exceed the 35,000 mile limit.

If this is a cash booking then I suggest seeing a travel agent. The Qantas website is not suitable for cash RTW bookings.

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Thanks, I tried to put it in circle map and it said 33000 Miles, I guess the connections might be off or something.

Is there a site or link to suggested Itineraries?

You need to include transiting cities in your circle map calculation. E.g. I don’t think there is a direct flight between Sydney and Cape Town. You need to include Jo burg or Doha, depending on the airline you choose. That might have edged you over 35,000 miles.

I tried this one in circle map is says 31977 miles

Can seem to make it work though, is there a site you can pay someone to do this apart from calling Qantas?

What I was meaning to say was, you need to go through all the routes to see whether there are direct flights or require transits/stops. I had a quick look for November (just to increase chances of more flights coming online).

I think what isn’t helping you is: quite a few of the destinations/ports aren’t really a popular oneworld hub. Hence, you will see there is quite a few flights in my mock itinerary going to and from DFW. Now, I’m not getting into whether this itinerary/routing satisfies all the Qantas oneworld RTW rules and restrictions. But one thing is for sure, if you go with this itinerary, the total mileage exceeds 35,000 miles.

What I did was fire up Google Flights to see what flights are available to get from A to B.

There are no oneworld airlines servicing JNB-CPT, you could consider booking separate flights for this but the total mileage will still be 36k+ miles.

Hope that was somewhat helpful.

I think there are plenty of paid services that help you redeem your award seats out there. I haven’t used one before so wouldn’t be able to recommend one.


Thanks, I managed to spend the afternoon going through flights and plans and managed to book this double trip (Europe and Asia)

I did a repositioning flt from Sydney to Manila as it had the cheapest taxes and when comparing to Bali the price differences paid for the flights.

So for 318,000 point each in Business i managed to book this today.

1st Trip
2nd Trip

This comes in at 34,709 miles just short of the 35,000 max

The first trip in a flt to Manila (cheap airline paid myself), then straight to London and will do some internal flts and then down to Istanbul, after that then a flt back to BNE for a “long stop over” and next trip is to Hong Kong and Sapporo for some snowboarding.

I have the Asia trip booked for March but will push that back to Dec next year as its free to make changes right up to the end of 2022 with no fees.

Taxes were $1864.56 for 2 people

All flts are in J class

Thanks everyone for the help

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Note that your ticket is only valid for 1 year so you must complete your Japan trip within 1 year of your flight out of Manila.

Also note that once your flight out of Manila departs then your route is locked in. If you can’t find any availability BNE-HKG in December then you are stuck as you won’t be able to change your routing.

Thanks, I’m pretty flexible with time so will keep an eye out on the flights when they get released and lock something in for Asia before i head off from Manila on the 18th Dec this year.

Just a note - Taxes from Bali were almost $1000 more each, Leaving from Manila was definitely the way to go.