Is there anything wrong with this 2 trip Qantas oneworld RTW Itinerary?

Afternoon, after some long conversations with my wife we have landed on a finalised itinerary but need some advice/clarification on how to book and if it suits all requirements. We are hoping to find availability in Buisness Class throughout the journey and are open to reversing the direction of the trip if need be based on better availability.


RTW Itinerary:

BNE-MLA(20hr stopover in Doha & 4hrs Munich) = 3 legs
1st stop - Malta.
2nd stop - London, UK
LGW-KIN = 1 leg
3rd stop - Kingston, Jamaica.
KIN-DEN = 2 legs
4th stop - Denver, USA.
DEN-BNE (7hr stopover LAX) = 2 legs

If to this esteemed community it all appears to fit, is the best course of action to simply call Qantas and explain the dates and flights we are looking at?

Much appreciated thanks in advance,

EDITED based on comments from kris.mas.x2.

You can only depart your country of origin once. In your case, you can’t leave Australia again after you land in Brisbane.

If you want to have a 2nd trip then you have to either start your 1st trip outside of Australia or have your 4th stop somewhere outside of Australia. Whichever option you choose, you will need to book a separate ticket to get to/from these places.


You can either redeem yourself via the Qantas website (click on multi-city toggle), this is the ideal case. If you can’t do it yourself online for whatever reason, you will have to call up.

You can check award space for your flights/dates yourself. Once you find dates with the award space, note it down to be provided to the agent. This would be more efficient than asking agents to find space for so many flights whilst on the call.

Alternatively, if you manage to secure some flights on your itinerary via website yourself, you will need to call Qantas to add any other flights at a later stage. There will be a small 6000 Qantas pts fee (from memory) per change. Not sure whether the free change period is still ongoing. Sometimes this fee is unavoidable as some later flights may not be open for booking yet (if more than 12 mths away) and you may want to secure the first few flights in advance before being taken by others.

Thanks so much. I clearly overlooked that part of starting abroad to be able to do 2 trips.

I have revised above as just a single trip now.

Will still need to check reward seat availability.

Hi, if you add on flights later, will they still cap the entire trip if the additional flights cost more points? Thanks

If the itinerary remains within the Qantas Oneworld RTW rules, the point costs would be capped. Only the taxes and surcharges would increase/change. You only pay the change fee each time.