Is there anything wrong with my Qantas point earning strategy?

I’m buying a cabin in Japan and have been putting off how I should be approaching the Qantas frequent flyer strategy and thought I might ask the brains trust.

I’d like to travel to Japan twice a year, Japanese summer (July school holidays) and winter (Xmas Holidays)
First, I am going to switch my HomeLoan to the Qantas loan to take advantage of the 100K point PA has anyone switch to this loan, any issues?

Secondly, I’m planning on taking advantage of the credit card deals and want to keep it super simple because I’ve go a million and 1 spinning plates and sometimes overlook the details. So, I was thinking of getting a credit card, spend the money, take advantage of the points then cancel the card. Then I get my wife to do the same thing, and repeat this process every year to year and a half, seems simple enough?

Now with the credit card, I want to pick a card that has an annual fee that is average, I can write this off in my mind as this would be the cost of travel insurance and lounge membership.

Now purchasing flights, can I buy Jetstar flights (Plus which earns Qpoints) on my Credit card and earn Qpoints though the card and points through Jetstar?

Can I earn points purchasing tickets through ANA who are part of the OneWorld Alliance

Thats a lot to ask I know, sorry but any info will be helpful



On your second point, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach. A lot of point hackers use this credit card churning method to generate points.

You can earn points by flying Qantas or Qantas partner airlines and via a Qantas point earning card. So if you fly Jetstar, which is a Qantas subsidiary, you will earn Qantas points. If you pay for the flight (or everyday items like groceries) with your Qantas point earning card, you will earn Qantas points too.

Unfortunately, ANA is in the Star Alliance and not the OneWorld Alliance. Japan Airlines is in the latter alliance. You could use Qantas points to redeem Japan Airlines award/reward flights too.

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