Is there anything I can do if I missed Velocity status qualifying by 7 days?

So, I have been Velocity Silver (not that high I know), and they downgraded me to red, as I had 191 points (not 200 to renew), on the 25th Jan, but I was on a trip at the time and got back on 2/2 with an additional 20 status credits.

Called Velocity, girl said no. Anyone know any tips to get them to extend? I have another trip booked with them also, but won’t fly International for a few months so really want Silver back.


Hi jameso88,

I would suggest trying to call again and plead your case to another agent(s). Maybe you will find one that is willing to be kind.

Out of interest, what benefit from the silver status do you find useful? Other than the lounge passes and additional checked bag allowance, I’m unsure what you are missing out on.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the status has its benefits. Just that you did miss the qualifying window.

Good luck. Try a few agents at different hours of the day.


This happened to me a couple of years ago. I missed out on my Platinum renewal by a week or so. I got downgraded to Gold but I rang them up and the customer service rep kindly bumped me back up to Platinum. Got a new set of luggage tags too!