Is there anything I can do if flights were booked just before a Qantas Double Status Credit offer?

Hi team

I have a query regarding the Qantas double status credits promotion.

Recently I’ve booked a number of long haul business class flights only to then shortly after be offered to book further flights and earn Qantas double status credits as part of there what seems to be like regular promotion.

Has anybody had any luck speaking with the QFF team to see if they would do a one off Status Credit match or top up based on your flight booked and the additional credits you would have earnt?

If you booked a flexible flight, you can cancel and book again. If you booked less than 24 hours before, you can cancel for free as well regardless of ticket type. In the past, Qantas has been quite strict with this and they wouldn’t bend the rules for me so likely a no.

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