Is there any way to avoid the vastly inflated ticket cost of Virgin travel bank ticket prices?

I booked a Virgin return flight yesterday, Sydney-Bris-Sydney, and opted to use some of the Travel credit I have from my COVID cancelled flights from 2020. The Sydney to Brisbane legs were offered at $459 each. The same flight, without the Travel Credit box ticked, ranged from $115 to $169. I was so astonished at the mark-up. I assumed my travel credits would be dollar for dollar but this tells me my credits are worth about 1/3. The return flight had similar mark-ups.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it legal? Is there a work around?

Hi @annaleyshon

It’s been buried in the fine print since the Travel Credits were re-introduced that Virgin reserves the right to not make all fare types accessible for bookings with Travel Credits. However, this is the first I’ve heard of it actually happening. Certainly, on the perhaps 4-5 occasions I’ve used a Travel Credit, it hasn’t happened to me. All fare types have been bookable, including the cheapest ones.

If Virgin is now actually preventing some of the cheapest fares being booked with a travel credit, that would be disturbing – even newsworthy.

Have you looked into other flights? Are they all the same?

I await with bated breath what others have to say about this. The big question: has Virgin changed its practice, or is this just an unfortunate glitch?

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