Is there any way I can book Air France First Class from London/Paris to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore using points?

Hi, I’m looking to hack a one way first class fare from London (or Paris) to Kuala Lumpur (or Singapore) flying first class on Air France. Given that they are with Sky Team means the opportunities aren’t that great, but I thought I’d put it out there to see what Keith or that other champion, Michael Kao, might know…

I noted with interest that Alaska’s program has AF as a partner but I don’t think miles can be used for this route.

Looking forward to your responses…and thanks.

  • You can't book AF first class with partners. Period.
  • Even if you have Flying Blue miles, unless you are an elite, you can't book it. (Or you might book it by accident, but they'll downgrade you)
  • The only CC in Australia that will give you Flying Blue miles is Citiprestige. But if you use points fully from credit card, your ticket might be cancelled and all your points confiscated.
  • If you have no points in your account, and just trying to search for award space first before you transfer your hard earned CC points, AF may close your account.
  • Bottomline, stay away from AF. No reason, just because they are French.
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  • Good luck!