Is there an easier way to search for Virgin Australia international business award flights?

Hi All. This is my first post here. I am hoping to be able to bring forward my flight to the UK to spend more time with my mum. My flight is currently booked on Singapore Airlines for May 27th from PER to LHR on points (Velocity) in Business Class. VA Redemption cant find any availability in the 4 weeks preceding on SQ or Qatar. Is there an easy way for me to check or someone out there who provides this service for a fee? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Andy

Hello and welcome @andyrtilbury !

I would personally use to search for flights using Velocity points. The guide below will explain how it works, and also give you other options.

Fee-paying services for people who want help using FF points come and go, and few of them (including the ones Point Hacks promotes) ever seem to last long. I think the current Point Hacks incarnation of this service is Point Hacks Concierge .

Let us know how you go!

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Thanks for the info. In the end I had to cancel my first leg and rebook with cash. Not ideal, but I should get the points back.