Is there a way to pay to enter lounges in the new Istanbul airport?

Hi Has anyone been at the new Istanbul airport and paid for lounge access. I am flying with Turkish airlines economy international.

Hi there,

I did a quick search on the topic. I found the IGA lounge which you can access for €50 (sounds steep at first glance)İGA-Lounge/p/SD006007

There are some articles saying Turkish Airline lounge can be accessed with €59 but I couldn’t find more concrete sources. Still pretty early days. I usually peruse sources like loungebuddy and sleepinginairport for lounge info but these hasn’t been updated.

If you want better info on Turkish Airlines lounge access, maybe contact them via social media to enquire?

Hope that helps.

Edit: as below. Sorry my bad. Learnt something new today :slight_smile:

That is the SAW airport on Priority Pass. The new Istanbul airport has taken over the code IST.

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