Is there a way to baggage drop early at Dallas Fort Worth (transit between flights)?

We will be flying to Sydney from Dallas Fort Worth later in the year. Due to airline flight changes we arrive at DFW (TE) at 10.30am and depart TD about 10.30pm (a 12 hour layover). We have to collect our baggage and recheck them. Checkin at Qantas TD starts officially four hours prior to departure. Is there any way of checking in earlier? If we checkin online using the app can we then drop our bags at TD before that 4 hour period? Just trying to avoid having bags all day.

If the Qantas check-in isn’t open, I don’t see how you could send the luggage through even if you have a boarding pass from online check-in. Is there a reason for you to recollect your luggage in between?

Yes we are coming in to DFW on Air Canada (not a Oneworld member so our bags won’t be checked through) so we have to collect our bags and recheck them with Qantas at DFW.