Is there a way to access Etihad Lounges with QANTAS Gold Status?

Hi Team,

I’m travelling to Europe this year (economy) with Etihad airways - marked as a KLM flight. Is there any way of accessing their lounge network with QANTAS Gold Status or other means? I’m happy to sign up to a credit card or pay to enter the lounge but don’t know what my best options are.

Thanks - love your work

Etihad are partners with Virgin Australia, so no, you’ll get no access with Qantas.\r\n\r\nIncidentally, if you have a Virgin Australia Gold card, you do not get access to the Etihad lounges in Abu Dhabi; instead they shuffle you into a contract lounge (which is in terminal 1, quite some distance from most of the flights which depart from terminal 3). The contract lounge is small, doesn’t have much seating and is a bit dismal. You need to be Virgin Platinum to get into the Etihad lounges there.\r\n\r\n(Similarly, Virgin Gold/Platinum and Star Gold won’t get you into the Singapore Airlines lounge in Singapore; you get shuffled into a special lounge for Gold partners. It’s similarly dismal. Possibly more so.)