Is there a Qantas status credit table or chart?

I’ve been grounded more than normal in my Qantas yr. So planning holidays that will maximise SC. However, I’m trying to find a good way to calculate SC per dollar or a table (to avoid having to search each flight individially).
For example, a resent sale was offering best vale for a Jakarta business for $1700 (345 SC, 0.203 sc per dollar).
But had to calculate this by comparing many different flight tickets.

Any advice?

This is a Qantas points and SC calculator. It should be of some help.|MCORGID%3D11B20CF953F3626B0A490D44%40AdobeOrg|TS%3D1510545613

Hi thank you, I am aware of the Qantas table. However it is cumbersome as it doesn’t give you estimated or actual pro as to figure out a good points run.