Is there a Qantas lounge in Queenstown, NZ?

I’m flying QF from Queenstown to Sydney. Can I use my QF General Lounge invitation to access the lounge in Queenstown? Thanks.

No. The QF General Lounge invite is only available for Qantas Club/Qantas Business Lounges (international). This means any lounge not operated by Qantas is not eligible. The only QF lounge in NZ is the Auckland lounge. If you have OneWorld Sapphire or above or Qantas Club membership, you are eligible to access the contract lounge at Queenstown, but not with a lounge pass.

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Is this Qantas Auckland lounge closed?

I believe it will be closed for renovation soon if not already but should be done in stages so some parts of the lounge will still be open.

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