Is there a more efficient way to search for more than one arrival port in Europe?

Hey all,

New to the community and have found all the information extremely helpful.

Myself and wife have a Qantas RTW Business Class trip booked leaving July 10 departing Sydney and first stop landing in Amsterdamn (Cathay, via HK). With a change in work schedule, we can now leave 2 days earlier on the 8th of July, and obviously, we would rather get a few extra days in on our honeymoon!

We do not mind what our arrival destination is in Europe if we can change to the 8th July, as long as it is in Continental Europe, as our plans are very flexible.

My question is - is there an easier way to try and find any Syd-(Eur) flights rather than just going one by one by various cities on the day in question through the qantas booking system??

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I assume this is a points booking. No, there is no option to search multiple destinations at once. You have to search one city at a time.