Is there a maximum allowable number of flights for the Qantas Oneworld classic reward?

Is the Qantas oneworld Classic Reward limited to a maximum of 10 legs per itinerary?

There is nothing in the t’s & c’s which says there is a limitation but it appears there is a practical limit. Whenever I create an itinerary which has more than 10 legs (because of transit destinations) the system throws an error “unable to find that itinerary”. If there are 10 legs or less the system is able to price it.

Or is this something which requires a call to customer service to resolve?

Hi bevan,

Example 2 in this article has more than 10 flights so I don’t think there is a 10 flight limit. However, I have no experience redeeming a RTW award.

I am aware of this article and the itinerary.

Although it is theoretically possible, in practice I can’t book that itinerary. For example, there is no oneworld route between FCO and NAP.

Cheers… B

Actually… I understand that example itinerary better now. However, if I try to book it by putting in individual flight segments I get an error “You’ve searched for more flights than are possible for this itinerary. Reduce the number of trips and try again.”

The t’s & c’s say an itinerary “must contain no more than 16 Segments (including any Surface Segments)”

Very confusing. :grimacing: I’m going to try customer service now.