Is there a limit to the number of times allowed into The Private Room at Changi Airport if long transit and flying Singapore Airlines First Class?


So I have booked suite class Singapore to Melbourne on 28th Jan 2018. Just have 2 questions regarding this:
My inbound flight arrive in Singapore on 27th 5pm and I fly out from Singapore on 28th at 10am, (I know lonnng layover, but will be planning on going on Singapore tour is they have it available). My question is, how many time can I access the lounges? Will I be enter 27th for dinner time and then re-enter the next day at 6am? Am planning on booking a transit hotel for the the night.
And finally, will I gain access to the private room?


It should be fine if you are staying on the airside (after immigration) - as the transit hotel is on the airside.

Yes you can access TPR if your outbound flight is in first class SQ or you are connecting from a SQ first class flight.

Keep your boarding passes.

As you say your’e arriving 28JAN18, it wouldn’t seem to be an issue. :slight_smile: