Is there a hack to gain access to a lounge at LAX?

The Qantas Premier Platinum card comes with two bonus Qantas Lounge invites, but for some reason it specifically says they can’t be used at LAX.

However this is exactly where I want to use mine if I could, to have a shower before flying back to Australia. (because there’s no showers at LAX).

Are there any workarounds to use them there? (We’re flying Economy Classic reward).

The LAX oneworld lounge is not exclusively a Qantas lounge - It is jointly operated by Qantas, British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Therefore you are not allowed to access the lounge with Qantas-issued passes.

So is there a hack to somehow gain access to a lounge at LAX? Qantas doesn’t leave LAX until late at night. There are no public showers at LAX. Obviously we’d have checked out of our hotel in the morning, and after a full day of sight seeing, it’d be great to access a shower before the long flight ahead.

check out Loungebuddy, you should be able to locate which lounges have showers and how much is the cost.

Thanks theblank.

Didn’t know that site existed - great to know!!! Unfortunately I typed LAX into it’s search.field and it says “There are no LoungeBuddy purchasable lounges available at this airport”. Doh!

I’m figuring there’s got to be a way to get into someone’s lounge???

There is a KAL lounge that has shower facilities and the lounge is accessible by Priority Pass. The lounge is on the airside (after immigration) and only operates 1pm-7pm. Info from Priority Pass and not from experience.

Maybe you might have access to Priority Pass?

The advice on shower facilities given by the LAX website is very basic - contact airline lounge about access or try hotels near the airport as they sometimes charge a nominal fee for use of their gym and shower facilities.

Some other payable options shown here How to get LAX lounge access flying economy - Family Travel

Thanks Warren!!! I’ve read that article you provided the link to, and that looks like the way to go!!!