Is there a different number to call to change a Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary?

Hello there,
I’ve just booked a RTW trip (318k). I learnt so much! Attention to detail is key! Business all the way. :joy::clinking_glasses:
I just need to add to the trip and make a modification to the last leg (I booked everything else to lock it in). Is there a specific number to call or is it 131313? I just need to wait a week so the 2024 days open up and become available. Happy to share itinerary if interested.

Unless you are a platinum member, you will just call the standard Qantas line!

Thank you. :smiling_face:
Appreciate your confirmation.

Hi there
Would love to see your itinerary as I am thinking of booking a RTW for next year
Cheers Judy

Hi Judy,
Love to share (I have had so many tips from PH community). Here it is…but not yet finished as I need to get back to Perth or at least Aus LOL. Travelling solo…quite exciting!





TOKYO KL - unsure…as I will be changing this…

But wow!! It was a huge investment of time (and fun…challenging)… cost so far $1018 in tax/fees.


Ann :blush:


Hi Judy,
Just booked all seats.
Final flights sorted. Thank heavens! :crazy_face:

Perth to Melb (booked using diff classic rewards for business seat.) arrive 2 night before.





Osaka Tokyo Singapore - stop

Singapore to Perth.
(I used additional classic reward points for a reward seat). Easier to manage and book.

Approx 40 days away!
All business class except Dallas to NY.
Feel extremely fortunate and grateful this has worked out so smoothly. Thanks heaps to Point Hacks! :hugs:
Once one understands the rules, it’s very easy to navigate the multi city booking tool.

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Hi there, just thought I’d share my updated itinerary hack to get back to Perth from Singapore in business class.
After researching QANTAS’ website for seats (again…) I discovered a Sin-Per (via KL) business seat. So I called QFF and went through want I wanted (including cancelling a separate economy class reward seat Sin-Per I had previously booked). By the time the operator went into it…the seat was gone. In the meantime my cc was charged for the fees/taxes. Operator said he would look for me and see if one came up in time and call me…
I immediately went back on QANTAS and looked for business seats from Sin-KL. Yes! Heaps to choose from. I screenshot those departures. Two screens come in handy!
Then searched KL-Per. I kept in mind arrival time from Sin. There was one business reward seat! So I called QFF again and went through the blurb again. The operator was calm and patient and I got the booking. I gave her ‘5’ star ratings in the after survey. I end up staying in Singapore 3 nights. But thought it was worth it to fly home in style.
And just for my information …I went back in to QANTAS and searched KL-Per. No business reward seats.
So, they do become available but only one at a time, as was this case.
Hope this out of the box thinking helps someone.

I have just started looking at RTW rules. Any tips etc? I am reading everything i can online but have just confused myself. Did you use any 3rd party apps to look for rewards seats or did you just use qantas site? Thanks in advance

Hi Tranterross,
Step 1… print or screen shot one world airlines. Know who these are.
Step 2… use QANTAS multi city bookings and be flexible with dates.
Step 3… trial and error of booking.

My advice… enter one date and location then check to see if available. When you can see that’s available (make a note) then start again with your next leg. Etc
In my opinion… searching on multi-city but only one leg at a time was the key for me. Know the rules about number of transits etc. arriving and departing from different airports/cities can annoy the system, so be mindful.
Then, go back and enter all the dates you have noted down and book it completely through the multi city booking. Do this on the same day as your individual flight research. Trust me… leaving it for a day or even hours… the flights get snapped up!
Then, as long as there is availability, it’s quite easy.
I booked as soon as the dates opened up for September 2024. I booked as much as I could then locked those flights in when I had the majority that I wanted.
It was rather joyful seeing 318k points calculated as the points total. I had only read and dreamed about it :joy:.
I have subsequently called qantas 3 times:

  • I had originally arrived/departed from Haneda - but then ended up departing from Osaka KIX - Qantas were very helpful TBH - I just said thank you to everything/action :smiling_face:.
  • to book an extra leg as dates were not yet available when I made my initial booking
  • Change a flight from Econ to Business as it became available (through my constant checking …be proactive, don’t wait for a call back.)

I also select my seats in advance… I have booked fabulous seats :seat: on Qantas, Finnair, Japan Airlines and Malaysian Airlines . But I could not book seats for AA or BA. (I have separate business reward seats on internal flights on KLM AMS-BER return, because when I attempted to include a flight on a one world airline to a different country it did not like it.)
I did not really have any set itinerary :joy: I just booked where I could get business. I’m away for a total of 50 days!
One thing I did research was where the one world airlines flew. So pretty much knew their flight maps and then it was a matter of finding business seats and destinations or vice versa!

Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing your experience.

Quick question - did the call centre charge you for using the phone service to change the booking? Or just the standard 6000 points to amend the booking?

Hi cb123

They charged 5000 points for each change. But it was worth it to get the business flights I wanted. It was a personal challenge to secure all business class :joy:.
One thing the first call center staff did was to refund my 318k points after our call! That scared the beep out of me.
I was hesitant to call back and say hey, you refunded my RTW points. I still had my booking confirmation and paid the taxes. I monitored my FF account and after 3 weeks they deducted the 318k points again.

I had called up twice in the meantime to confirm my booking and they said yes…all booked and confirmed.

They did not charge me 5000 points when I cancelled a separate award booking that I added to my RTW booking. So that saved that!

Good luck :blush:.