Is there a 'best' time to look at transferring Amex Gateway points to Krisflyer?

What with the upcoming decrease in the value when transferring Amex Gateway points to Krisflyer, I’m wondering if I should wait until April or just go ahead and transfer them in now. In the past 8 months I’ve accrued just over 750,000 Amex Gateway points, mainly through business spend, so I’m now left with obviously wanting to transfer them in before the deadline and subsequent drop in real-world value.

I have heard rumours that some users have been offered bonuses for transfer but received no notification of that myself.

Does anyone have any additional information around this? Due to the reasonably large balance of points, a bonus or some other way to optimise the timing around this would obviously be worth looking at.

Thanks in advance,


Unless you need to redeem your points for a flight or flights now, I’d hold off until early April, for two reasons:

  • As you say, there may be some sort of bonus offer between now and then. There's no harm in waiting to see what, if anything, happens.
  • KrisFlyer points expire after 3 years. If you transfer your points now, they will expire at the end of January 2022. If you wait until April you'll have until the end of April 2022 to use your points. That may or may not matter in the end, but you might as well wait and get those extra 3 months.
Hope this helps!