Is there a basis for me to ask for a reversal of Emirate Skywards point transfer from Amex points based on an incorrect advice from Emirates Skyward?

I have an Emirates Skywards account and asked how many points I need for certain flights. I was advised by Emirates of a specific number of points to transfer from my AMEX, which I did. It turned out I was advised to transfer about 17,000 points in excess of what I needed.

I have tried on multiple occasions to get Emirates to restore the points to my card as they will expire in the Emirates account. Emirates have refused.

Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?


Hi Ngaire,

I foresee a challenging uphill fight. Unless you have noted the details of your conversation with the Emirates Skyward agent (names, date, time), I think your chances of a successful reversal would be less than 10%.

Personally, I would spend the time earning more points from easier avenues.

Good luck.

Hi Warren

I’m not entirely surprised by your reply given their stubborn refusal to date.  It has rather cast a pall over my opinion of Emirates.

Thanks anyway.