Is the Vodafone 40,000 Qantas Points offer worthwhile signing up to?

Vodafone are currently offering 40,000 Qantas points if you sign up to their $80 plan for 12 months. Realistically I am more than fine to connect on their $40 plan and will never breach the inclusions. Just curious about what people think about paying $480 for 40,000 points. If $20 per 1,000 is a good benchmark then this makes sense, no?

Hi jsnolo,It really depends on your valuation of Qantas points. Ideally your redemption value has to exceed your acquiring value.

If you pay $480 for 48000, it means you are acquiring 1 point for 1.2 cents each (1.2cpp). Which means you have to redeem a value of more than 1.2cpp to make it worthwhile. This high value is relatively easy to achieve from premium cabin air tickets.

Personally, 1.2cpp is pretty reasonable. I try to aim for 1cpp or lower. But each to their own. Maybe your circumstances is different. E.g. you are 40k short of a dream redemption. Maybe your redemption value is 5-10cpp.