Is the SPG to Marriott transfer ratio changing in August 2018?

It was mentioned on Point Hacks that the SPG/Marriot ratio would be changing ‘unfavourably’ in August. SPG dispute this…can someone elaborate? Thanks.


This website may be of assistance.


1 SPG points to 3 Marriott points remains.

The big devaluation is for transfers from Amex Membership Rewards (AMR)to Marriott (MR) points.

It is currently (not for long) 2 AMR -> 1 SPG-> 3 MR.

Amex transfer rate to Marriott will become 3 AMR->2 MR. If my maths is correct, it is a 125% reduction. If you want to transfer from Amex to SPG/Marriott, do it quick.