Is the Qantas oneworld classic reward (business class) capped at 318,000 Qantas Points (+ taxes)?


After reading the great article How to fly around the world in Business Class with Qantas Points written by @BrandonLoo, I’ve tried to find an itinerary capped at 318,000 without any luck.

Brandon asked me to verify with the community what might be happening so here I am.

As I mentioned, I couldn’t find any itinerary capped at 318,000 either trying to copy the itineraries from the article on different dates or trying with my own. Here is a folder with 6 different examples of itineraries (pdfs) that didn’t work.

Am I doing anything wrong when trying to book via the Qantas Muti-City booking? I’m trying to get an RTW ticket (business class) capped at 318,000 stopping in Toronto and Sao Paulo for a few weeks each, the other cities can be anything.


Hi, thanks for sharing.

Options 1, 2, 3 and 6 all include non-oneworld carriers such as KLM, WestJet, LATAM and Emirates. These will all void the oneworld reward, even though they are Qantas partners. Only full oneworld member airlines can be included.

Option 4 goes over the 35,000 mile limit by 2,200 miles, while Option 5 goes over by 247 miles.

I suggest reworking Option 5 to cut down the distance slightly (e.g. try to avoid going via MEL on the way home) and then you should be all good.

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This oneworld itinerary planning tool might be helpful to avoid non-oneworld airline selection.

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Thanks, @BrandonLoo! I’ve spent a few hours trying and I was able to finally get a couple of examples working once I removed Brazil from the itinerary. When I add Brazil, it either goes above the milage or I can’t find a flight with a Oneworld partner. At least now I have a better understanding of all the requirements. Thanks again :wink:

Thanks, @w.hiew, it seems I’ll have to spend a lot more hours trying to find the right days. At this moment, it’s quite hard to find itineraries including Brazil that fit all the requirements with available business class seats.

Good luck! I’ve never done a RTW redemption myself. I figured you will need a lot of patience and always be flexible with dates and ports.

You’re welcome, and best of luck. Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch to include Asia, Europe, North and South America in 35,000 miles, but you got close!

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