Is the Qantas A380 First Class worth the points?

Have the A380 first class seats had an upgrade or are they still old style. Are the worth the points?

Hi Lisa,

The first Qantas A380 to be upgraded will start flying next month. The plan is that they’ll all be done before the end of 2020.

Are they worth the points? Only you can answer that. It’s like asking whether a new car is worth the money: everyone’s answer will be different based on their priorities, personal tastes, life situations etc.

Speaking personally: if I had the points to spare, and the opportunity to grab a First Class Classic Flight Reward to a destination I wanted came up… I’d jump at the chance.


I agree with @sixtyeight . Just note though that the so called ‘upgrade’ to first class simply means a better video screen and new padding. The actual seat doesn’t actually change so its not a big revolutionary new product if that was what you were expecting.


not worth the points. the diff between business and first is minor

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