Is the latest Velocity & Flybuys promotion better than 15% bonus transfers?


I got the latest offer which gets you increased Velocity points per 2000 flybuys transferred based on spending $10+ with their partners.

I usually wait for the 15% bonus before I transfer and I am in no urge to do so, but if I can get the +200 points, it worth transferring.

Did anyone understand how it works exactly?

I usually shop at coles, fuel at coles express and can have a one off at BP if it’ll help.


Hi @birenbaum

Let’s do the sums. Transfers of 2000 FlyBuys points to Velocity would normally get you 870 Velocity points. Transferring during a 15% bonus will get you exactly 1000 points.

If you take advantage of the current promotion by shopping at one of the participating retailers (Coles, Coles online, First Choice Liquor, First Choice Liquor Market or Liquorland), you’ll end up with 970 Velocity points from each transfer of 2000 FlyBuys points.

If you shop at two retailers, you’ll end up with 1020 Velocity points, and if you shop at three, you’ll get 1070 points per 2000-point transfer.

So if you shop at more than one of the above five retailers during the promotion period, you’ll get the equivalent of more than 15% extra.

Note that, of the list of places you shop above, Coles Express and BP are not part of the promotion. So if you didn’t change your shopping habits at all, a 15% bonus is the better option for you.

Thank you!

Now I saw that it is limited to only those 5 places.

So if I spend 10$ at coles (usually do), 10$ at liquorland and 10$ at first choice liquor, and I transfer 100,000 flybuys, I expect to get:

870 x 50 = 43500 base points
200 x 50 = 10000 bonus points


I expect to have around 100K flybuys by the end of the months so I think it’s probably worth while to spend 20$~ on something (can be soft drinks etc that I usually drink) to get 3500 (70 x 50) extra velocity points.

It will be like paying 0.5 cents per velocity point which will be great value.

Does my math makes sense?


Yep makes sense to me … assuming, of course, that next month’s bonus promotion will (a) take place, and (b) be 15% as it has in previous years. While both of those things are a pretty safe bet, there’s no absolute guarantee!

Thank you, I will do that once a couple of more bonus points will hit my account !

How often do they run bonus transfer promotions?

I am guessing around 3-4 months.

I am saving my flybuys for about 12 months and I have transferred about 3 times with that promotion, from memory. Sometimes they have less desired bonuses like 10%~ but I am only talking about 15%.

For the past several years there have always been bonus transfer promotions in May and November – usually 15% but occasionally higher. Sometimes there are smaller and/or targeted promotions in between.