Is the current Marriott Bonvoy point sale a good option for getting some Qantas pts?

I have asked this question in the comments on a couple of articles but haven’t had a reply…

There is currently a promotion to get 25% off buying > 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points. I am looking to buy an additional 30,000 so I would have over 60,000 in total which is the first amount required to get bonus points when transferring the Bonvoy points to QFF. If I transfer these Bonvoy points to Qantas FF points I should get 25K points including the 5K bonus points. Between the two bonus offers (25% off buying and 5K transer to FF bonus) would this be a decent ROI on my points purchase?

Hi there,

If my maths has been done correctly, you will be paying 2.56 cents per point (cpp) for Qantas points. Personally, I would not pay more than 1-1.5cpp for Qantas pts. Your circumstances may be different and it is probably ok if it is just for a small top up for a redemption.

0.94US cents x 30,000 Marriott pts = US$282

US$282/1.25 = A$321

$321/12500 QF pts= 2.56cpp

It might be cheaper via Qantas Epicure if you are a wine drinker or are able to gift or offload the wine.