Is the current discount on the purchase of Velocity points good value?

Velocity is running a short term discount for points purchases - as below. 250,000 points comes in around 1.4cpp. good value?

1,000 – 5,000 Points: 10% discount
• 6,000 – 50,000 Points: 20% discount
• 60,000 – 100,000 Points: 30% discount
• 110,000 – 250,000 Points: 40% discount

Not bad to buy if you are needing points urgently and don’t have any readily available with credit cards/flybuys etc. Would not buy speculatively though.

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Agree with @djtech . If you have a long-haul international redemption in a premium cabin in mind, you might get pretty good value from this. By way of example, my latest major redemption using Velocity points was for Qatar business class flights to/from Europe, and I worked out that I was getting about 5c in value per Velocity point.

If you have something like that in mind, and you’re confident that there is, or you’ll be able to find, availability, then it might be worth it.

If you want some other people’s opinions there’s a discussion about this promotion on Australian Frequent Flyer here.

Thanks for expanding my thoughts in a few extra paragraphs! This just reminded me about the topic of valuation:

It’s always a bit of a psychological battle when you are thinking about how much each point is worth to you. While the flight you are looking to redeem for might be super expensive, you have to evaluate your options in terms of your opportunity costs. Yes, redeeming a one-way business class ticket to Rome might cost you $5000 dollars had you booked it with cash, but would you have paid that much for the experience? Probably not. You might have gone for a flight on another carrier that was maybe a more reasonable 2500. So, think about a ‘deal’ with points being cheaper than what YOU would pay, rather than what THEY are asking you to pay.

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Yes. Be aware of the feel good factor.

I’ve been advised pretty early on to use the $ figure you were realistically going to pay when calculating cpp.

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