Is the best use of Velocity points domestic business or overseas?

Hi All,

Long time lurker and point hacks newbie. I asked this on the ‘best use of 100k’ post by Matt but thought I’d ask here too.

I’m still new to this whole game and am tossing up a couple of options and I don’t know what’s better use of my current 100k velocity. points.
I’m based in MEL. Have newborn (7/1/19). Also 250k+ CBA diamond points.

We are thinking of, but haven’t decided on an OS trip this year (Japan?Italy?) So was thinking of saving points.

But I do have a family get together for Xmas 22-27 Dec in OOL.

I can use half of points to get business up there for the 3 of us (no more eco reward seats avail) and pay for return $280. Or don’t use at all and pay $360 W/ Jetstar for flight there and save all points for a possible OS adventure?

If anyone also has an opinion on newborn friendly destinations (preferably make use of Velocity points) happy to hear them.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tobias,

Sounds like you have some exciting things happening in your life at the moment!

I live in Melbourne and fly with my family to the Gold Coast for a holiday once a year, just after Christmas. So I know that flights to the Gold Coast are generally pretty cheap, even at that time of year.

Given that that you have a possible overseas trip in mind, my advice would be to pay for the Gold Coast trip and save your points for your overseas adventure. That will give you the most “bang for your buck” in terms of using the points. Also the flight to the Gold Coast is short enough that flying Economy really doesn’t matter. If you want a little more room, pay for extra legroom seating.

Bear in mind that your CBA points can be converted to 125,000+ Velocity points.

All the best!