Is the "ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures" Point Hacks offer of 80,000 Velocity Points still available?

Hi P0int Hacks Team,

Can I please just confirm that the Point Hacks Exclusive offer of 80,000 Velocity Points with the “ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card” is still available?

I intend to apply for that card on 8/2/19 (I just need to wait until then because I’ve previously had that card and just need to wait until 8/2/19 so that 12 months has expired since I last held the card to remain eligible).

Thanks guys!

Yes. Until 28/2/2019.

With regards to this post , or more so the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card.
I’m very much a noob when it comes to all this so please be patient :slight_smile:

I have just applied and been approved one of these cards. To earn the bonus points towards Velocity do I have to link the ANZ card to Velocity? Or do I transfer the ANZ Rewards point to my Velocity account?

Admin, if this posted in the wrong spot please move.

Thanks Mat