Is the 30000 Woolworths Rewards Points promo with Origin broadband a good deal?

Sign up for ANY Origin broadband package and get 30,000 Woolworth Rewards. Likely to credit after 6 weeks. Min spend (with another Origin product) $64 per month

Cheap points?

This isn’t a bad deal under certain circumstances. Do the sums and if you’re happy with the result, then it might be worth taking up.

For me, this is what doing the sums looks like:

  • I’m currently paying $65/month for a 50mbps upload/20mbps download plan which is no longer available (ie. if I left it I wouldn’t be able to come back to it).

  • The equivalent Origin plan is either $84/month or, if I buy electricity from them as well, $74/month. However, their electricity plans are not competitive where I live.

  • Given that my current internet provider would increase my monthly fee to $79 if I left my $65 plan and came back to them, I’d be permanently locking in increased broadband prices if I took up this plan, not counting the extra I’d potentially be paying for electricity.

So for me it’s definitely not worth it to be paying permanently more for my broadband for the sake of 15000 Qantas points. But absolutely if your circumstances are different, go for it!