Is silver status with Qantas or Velocity worthwhile for better award availabilities?

I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth getting Qantas silver status vs. Velocity silver.

I am not a frequent flyer in Australia. At best, I could reach silver with the amount of flying I do.

My main objective for silver is to open up the possibilities for reward seats.

Does anyone know if Qantas silver status gives you more access to reward seats on Qantas or similarly with Velocity? I’ve noticed that reward seats on Qantas are virtually non existent for bronze members. Velocity seems to have more availability via Singapore Airlines but not many other airlines.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @apangallo

It’s not worth it with either airline. To my knowledge, being Qantas Silver doesn’t give you any extra access to reward seats (you need to be Gold or higher), and with Velocity you’re able to see everything that’s available even with no status at all.

Reaching Silver is nice, but definitely not something that you should be making an effort to go for if you’re not going to be able to get to Gold.


Thanks for the quick reply @sixtyeight … yeah, I was afraid that might be the case. Appreciate the advice.

Another thing you could consider is if you have a family, Gold could be attainable with Virgin because you can pool your status credits together. So, if you guys take a trip to Europe every year and then you take a few flights to Sydney and Melbourne here and there, Gold is definitely achievable.
Really, the status benefits don’t become all that valuable until the Gold tier with priority services and lounge access.
Qantas is quite difficult to build status if you are not truly a frequent flyer. You could look at Qantas Points Club as an alternative if you want to get the same benefits though.
Overall, best not to ‘chase’ status but rather just pick the best option for you each time. You’ll have a better experience on the whole.

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Thanks @djtech yes, I’m actually already a points club member but I think you need to be points club + to get the “Gold” type benefits. That said, my main objective was really to have access to more award flights which is why I was asking about the gold status. I already get lounge access via my AMEX card benefits, so it seems to me it’s not really worth chasing any status at this point.
Thanks for the advice!

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I just learnt this bit of fact about Qantas Silver members.

Not sure whether it will change the dial.

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