Is Qantas international reward availability only showing up to June 30, 2021?

Is QFF usual international reward availability currently only showing up to June 30, 2021?

A quick search I did showed BNE-HKG (QF) in Prem Economy in July 2021. Nothing in Business for that same date.

What route and cabin are you searching for?

Flights and airlines are a mess for obvious reasons.

Hi Warren,

I’m specifically looking for Milan - Australia (Australian arrival airport not critical) from 8th July 2021 onward in Emirates or Qatar Business Class.

Emirates were releasing flights on this route in the usual fashion of roughly 12 months in advance and each day I’d check back in and see the next day’s Business Reward seats be displayed, but then suddenly when it got to June 30, 2021 the Business rewards availability stopped and now I don’t see Emirates releasing any more Business reward seats. As for Qatar I haven’t found DOHA-Australia for quite a while, but then I saw a recent announcement that Qatar were now resuming flights to Australia and thought that might have changed as a result.
Cathay is the only option that appears after June 30,2021 (and I’d rather fly Emirates Business or Qatar (Q Suite).

We wanted to fly Qatar to Athens in late July. No QFF releases from Melb to Doha Have been happening at all so have booked Qantas to Singapore and then Qatar on to Athens with the stop in Doha. If you don’t mind an extra stop Emirates and Qatar flights business class Milan to Singapore on 8th July. Qatar flight would connect to Qantas-didn’t check that availability.
I am going to keep an eye on the direct flight to Doha for award seat release down the track-it’s definitely scheduled to fly.

Thanks jabba591. That idea would definitely work!!! But unfortunately I still hit a hurdle. I could get Qatar Business from Milan-Singapore (Q Suite), but the site doesn’t display any reward availability on the connecting Qantas flight Singapore - Melbourne.

Lots of weird things happening with Qantas reward availability lately.
At least availability is now showing beyond June 30 2021, but really it’s in dribs and drabs. They appear to be making a lot less Business seats available around that time for frequent flyers - preferring to try to sell them instead I guess to re-coup losses.

Hi Warren,
It seems the first date with availability after 8th is 12th July with Emirates to Singapore and connects with QF38 (business) on 13th Any good or too late?

Sorry Graham-picked up the wrong name

Thanks jabba591. That’d possibily work, but I’m not seeing any Qantas business out of Singapore on 13/7/21.

Hi Graham,
I was looking at business class to my home town only-Melbourne. BC seats for 2 on both evening flights.

Also if you are thinking of booking a Emirates flight don’t forget need 20% more QFF points from September 1

Thanks for your assistance jabba591. But like I said, I am not seeing any Qantas reward availability Singapore - Melbourne on 13/7/21 (and it has to be the flight departing 2330hrs). “I was looking at business class to my home town only-Melbourne. BC seats for 2 on both evening flights.” I also rang Qantas thinking it may be my status level why I can’t, but they haven’t got them either. Where did you see these? Interestingly reward seats on this flight also stopped at 30th June 2021 and nothing from there on.

Hi Graham,
Def at least two seats on QF38 at 23.30 on13/7/21.
My husband is platinum so looking under his membership. Must be due to your membership level it seems. Maybe try calling Qantas again and speaking to a different consultant.

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You’re an absolute legend jabba591!!! Thank you so much for your help and even screen shotting it. It is very much appreciated!!! It’s all to do with QFF status. I’m only Bronze which is why I’m not seeing availability. Many thanks jabba591 :grinning: