Is premium economy on Singapore Airlines worth upgrading to from economy bulkhead seats?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice whether upgrading from baulkhead economy seats to premium economy is worth it? Flying Singapore airlines from Singapore to Heathrow and I am 6 foot, 2 inches tall.

I definitely think so.

How many points is it?

Better seat, more leg support

I just asked my hubby who is 6"4’ as we did Singapore to London in Premium Economy last year. If it was from regular economy, then yes, but from bulkhead economy, no. Neither of us felt premium economy was that much more comfortable, both of us for different reasons. In our situation, we got a great deal for $50 more than economy and we would do that again, but we wouldn’t spend that many points unless we had tons of points to spare. I hope that helps you decide.

Thanks everyone, won’t use my points, but have been given a chance to bid on the upgrade. Will use a low ball offer and see if it gets accepted. Cheers

Flew PE Singapore to Heathrow last year and while seats were better spaced between rows and my knees weren’t pressed into seat in front, I couldn’t use the calf rest as my legs/feet too long to fit in space when elevated. For return I paid extra to a front row seat in PE and it was wonderful. No restriction on leg room and the set up with video screen in a central console forward of the seats (not in the arm rest) meant moving in and out of seat was not restricted. So if you are looking to upgrade to PE for leg length from bulkhead you will need to go to front row to get unrestricted leg space. PS I’m 5’11”