Is PER-BKK business return for $1931 on Singapore Airlines good value?

on Singapore Airlines site they have these 2 promotions going “Great Singapore Getaway” and “Special Advance Purchase Business”…
Now it claims you can get return to Singapore from $3476.00 on the second stated above
But I looked up return from Perth to Bangkok, I booked it in for $1931.36.
I don’t mind buying a paid business fare at that price. Also is tax deductible for me.
I fly to BKK every 2 weeks & am transitioning from Thai to Singapore (Thai Gold) but due to the better times & KrisFlyer FF program id rather fly Singapore.

Now the question is while I’m still chasing down Singapore Gold is it better value for me to book a few trips in advance why this fare appears to be this cheap… Around $1930 vs $900-1000 in economy?? It’s the same price on my following R&R schedule as well.
Certainly beats $3400+

I went ahead and booked the next following R&R anyway, as I didn’t want to miss out, I’m happy to pay this comparatively to what I’ve paid before & I’ve seen what the prices usually are, this time at a cost of $1924 in the “business saver” box, where as the normal business fare box was up around $3800…

Note I did this through singapores website, sky scanner etc’s cheapest came in around $3400.

I was unsure & a bit sceptical on what sort of seats I’d get because I’ve been stung by a paid business class seat with Qantas from Per-Sin before with the small aircraft and shit seat configuration.

Having learnt this time I chose my seats while looking through seat guru, both return trips have mixed aircraft & seat configurations >

The 2 return trips

PER-SIN,  SQ 216- Airbus Industrie A330-300

SIN-BKK,  SQ 972- Boeing 777-200/200ER 2 class

BKK-SIN,  SQ 981- Airbus Industrie A330-300

SIN-PER,   SQ 213- Boeing 777-200/200ER Re-fitted

I feel like I’ve had a bit of a win?? for in terms of cheaper paid business fares, I do claim these flights on my tax, but what’s important to me is I will enjoy the travel in business (vs economy) & the faster tracking to Singapore gold, I’m letting go of Qantas & Thai (gold in both, 12 months left on each), going for the one, I.E Singapore, instead of having the 2 programs (Qantas & Thai) which is hard to maintain plus Singapore has the most/best options out of Perth & from what I’ve learnt a rewards program that suits me better, I’ll get a greater amount of miles earnt under the one roof by having all my rewards to the one FF account. Comes in handy with my new ANZ travel adventures card, because I always spend overseas, I can earn & credit rewards to KrisFlyer, without the exchange rate fees, I swapped the ANZ FF black card for the adventures card because of this, for domestic expenditure I best soon get my self a velocity points earning card to convert to KrisFlyer miles too, Jeez all these tricks you have taught me point hacks. After all the review reading I’ve done I believe you have educated me to choose what’s best for me and get the best out of my rewards.

I thank you :slight_smile:

Well done.

Glad you enjoy learning from the website as much as I do.

Good that you use seatguru to check seats.

Only thing I would add is:

Check out

It may be quicker for you to get your status up with Krisflyer.