Is paying a utility bill via PayPal with an Amex Card considered as an eligible spend?

I need to spend $3000 on my Amex Velocity Platinum Credit Card to earn 90,000 Velocity Points. I want to pre-pay my electricity bill with it, but my electricity supplier does not accept Amex. They do however accept PayPal. If I link my Amex card to PayPal will that work to achieve an eligible spend?

This works for me on my AMEX platinum charge card. I have linked my AMEX account to PayPal and receive 1:1 point per dollar.

Thank you Warren and Alex for your replies. Linking my AMEX to Paypal worked and counted as an eligible spend. I also linked it to Australa Post BPay (to pay a bill where they didn’t accept either AMEX or PayPal) and that worked too!

Hi Graham,

Usually, that works. However, best to be sure by trying a smaller amount first and check whether the points credit as normal spend before doing the whole lot.