Is my hardshell box within domestic carry-on baggage allowance dimensions?

Hi all, I will be travelling domestically and hoping to bring onboard a hardshell box containing medical equipment as part of my carry-on baggage allowance. The box has 30cm x 30cm x 30cm dimensions (90cm overall), so within the 115cm overall dimension limits on most domestic airlines. However, from what I can see from all the various airlines’ websites, the standard allowance of 115cm is based on general dimensions of 56cm (Height) 36cm (Width) and 23cm (Depth).

My question is this: Will my carry-on with dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (90cm overall) fit in the overhead lockers in terms of its depth? That is, is the suggested Depth allowance of 23cm just a random suggestion, or is that the actual upper limit for the size of the overhead lockers?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @targusde

Which airline are you flying? We can then do a deep dive into the fine print of that airline’s carry-on policy. Alternatively you could call them, but I’d be cautious about that because what you’re told on the phone may not necessarily be the same as what actually happens at the gate: it’s best to have that airline’s policy in writing to show them in case of any difficulties.

You might also like to tell us what type of plane you’re flying as different planes have different locker sizes. Is it a 737?

Hi @sixtyeight

Thank you so much for responding. I’ll mostly be going to regional locations, so will generally be flying Rex, but potentially any of the other airlines depending on availability and pricing at the time of booking. As I don’t actually have a booking as yet, I don’t know the exact aircraft type. I’m mostly worried about Rex to honest, so any assistance on their fine-print for carry-on luggage would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again!

Hi @targusde

I’ve never flown in a Rex Saab 340 but there’s a review here and a YouTube review here.

There’s a good shot of the overhead lockers at about 8:30 in the YouTube review. It looks very unlikely that the lockers are big enough to fit a 30cm cubed box.

It probably is a good idea to talk to the airline, but if you absolutely need the medical equipment to fly with you and not in the hold, I’d be buying a carry-on bag with normal dimensions so you can be certain it will be allowed, and transferring the equipment into that. Failing that, you could buy an extra seat for your box (as people do for expensive musical instruments etc).

Hi @sixtyeight thank you so much!!! Really really appreciate your help with this. Thank you!