Is it worthwhile transferring CBA points to Qantas via Accor during promo period?

My Accor account says there is a 30% bonus for transferring cba points to Accor and my understanding is Accor to QFF is 1:1

I generally haven’t used my CBA points or ALL points so would this be a worthwhile conversion?

Not sure what your goal is to transfer, but if it is purely to take advantage of the transfer promo then I wouldn’t say it’s good value. With CBA, you transfer to Accor at a 5:1 ratio. With the transfer bonus, you would essentially get a 1:1.3 ratio of Accor to QFF which gives you a final transfer ratio of 5:1.3 between CBA to QFF. If you were just a thousand points short of a business class ticket to Europe or something like that, then a small transfer to top up your balance could make sense with a clear and valuable goal in mind. But it almost all other cases you can get better value elsewhere.

CBA has many other partners that could redeem for the same flights as Qantas Frequent Flyer and even some more quirky ones that could unlock niche award seats. Cathay for example can also be used to redeem the OneWorld airline rewards that you could with QFF but the transfer ratio for that from CBA to Cathay is only 3.5:1. Much better than what you are proposing (and keep in mind Cathay has cheaper redemption costs on most award tickets compared to Qantas too!).