Is it worthwhile to switch to Qantas Assure health insurance for 100k bonus Qantas points?

Hi All.

I want to ask there is currently 100k bonus Qantas points on offer from Qantas Assure.
HAs anyone had experience with them in the past ?
Is it worth the switch ?


Please note the 100,000 points is for family cover only.  If you are actually for single or couple the bonus points is less.

I think the Qantas product is NIB insurance on sold at higher price. So you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Please note recommending health insurance is financial advice which this site can’t do. You will need to take into account which health cover best suits you and your current medical situation.

Hassan I’m also considering the switch for the 60days required to gain points. Only thing is you have to get top cover and top extras for couple/family and yes see if it meets your needs medically etc. Also I think I read points are allocated in 8 increments not as a lump sum. Did you go ahead or put off? I’m still deciding whether or not to jump ship (mind you it’s double my existing premium for two months) to get points but can then downgrade to their basic cover cheaper than my current cover PLUS earn points monthly for their insurance. HMMMM help!