Is it worthwhile to pay for a higher fare code to earn additional Qantas points?

I’m flying to London at the end of June for 3 weeks and trying to decide whether to spend more money on my return ticket to get my full points allocation.

For example, I flew Cathay Pacific on a similar trip last September and got a bargain sale ticket of $1,150 return from Sydney to London. I only got 2,600 Asia Miles - non sale fares would accumulate 20,000 points approx.

I’m looking at flying from Perth return to London with a sale fare on Singapore Airlines for $1,500 which will only yeald 2-3000 Kris Flyer points. Otherwise through Singapore airlines its over $2,000 for flexible ticket with full points allocation.

So my question - is it worth spending and extra $600 to get 18,000 Kris Flyer points?

Can anyone help?

Hey Paul,

The question if spending more to get more points is an interesting one, and there’s not really a right answer because it all depends on how much extra value you can get for the points you’re getting.

Different uses for your points represent different value. To figure out if the extra spend is worth it for you, you will need to assess what it is that you plan to do with these points that you’re earning, because the value of the reward relative to the cash price if you bought the same thing will show you how much your points are worth and whether or not it’s a good idea.

Without knowing what you’re saving for I’d suggest it’s probable not worth it, but as I say that may differ depending on what you plan on using the points for.

For example if you were using these points on an award seat SYD - SIN one way. It costs 28,000 points for the seat, and you’d be getting an extra 13,000 by going the flexible fare, so the points you’re getting equate to 46% of the value of the redemption. The cash price on a one way is roughly $550 give or take, so that means that 46% of that $550 cash fare is $253 -  effectively the 13,000 points is equal to $253, but you’re paying an extra $600 to get them. In actual practice it’s slightly less than that even, as on award seats you will also pay fuel and taxes on top of the points.

If that was how you planned to use your points then it’s absolutely not worth paying the extra, but as I say different uses and different redemptions offer better or worse value so depending on your intended use for the points it may be worth it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Jimmy, I’m saving the points of a longer term strategy of flying my family to Europe or USA return business class on Singapore Airlines.

I’d buy economy return fares then use pints to upgrade to business class or premium economy.

I know Singapore Airlines its roughly 120,000 points one way to Amsterdam plus $100 taxes, so I’d need 500,000 Kris Flyer points in one direction. I learnt this through Point Hacks

Is this a good strategy?