Is it worthwhile to buy Qantas points when bonus points are on offer?

Hey guys, noob question: got this promo email from Qantas, 50% bonus point if buying 30k points or more. Worth it or too dear : ) ?
> ### How many points would you like to purchase?
> Number of points (max 150,000)
> 30,000+ 15,000 BONUS PTS
> Total amount payable including GST
> AUD 929.00

This article answers that exact question.

In my opinion, 2.6 cent per point (cpp) is too dear. However, everyone’s target cpp is different, it is a personal number. You will have to assess that for your use case.

The other point to make sure before you buy the points is to make sure you can find the award seats on the date and route that you would like to fly on. You don’t want to be buying Qantas points speculatively at that price point.

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Thanks mate, I will now wait for a better deal, no urgency.

Qantas has historically never had a “good” deal when selling points unlike other programs that are famous for doing this like Lifemiles or Aeroplan. In fact, it’s such bad value, you could get points cheaper by buying wine from Qantas solely for the points, not to mention, you get a case of wine in the process!!

Here’s the list of current wine promotions, where you can see that the top 10 best Qantas wine deals all let you buy points cheaper than 2.6 cents per point!!

Cheers mate, will look at the wines. Didnt even know we have so many QF deals and sites dedicated to it!

How do you guys arrive at 2.6c per point? In the above example I copied from QF: 92900/45000 I get 2.06, but I am not a math major.

Whoops, I was just going by @w.hiew 's calcs, but I think you’re right, it should be 2.06 cents. Nonetheless, you could get wine AND points for a similar price, so maybe consider it free wine? I would never say no to that :wink: .

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I must admit I didn’t cross check the numbers in the article. Heck, I didn’t really read much of it. I just quoted the numbers from one of their tables. :sweat_smile:

As my targeted cpp for Qantas points is much lower, you can tell my lack of interest is too obvious.