Is it worthwhile redeeming Emirates First Class over Business Class?

Hi All,

I am in the process of booking flights next year from Brisbane through to Paris and return from Switzerland.

I have the ability to pay first class return with points through Qantas classic rewards.

Is it worth the extra points booking First Class over Business on the Emirates A380 as I could always use the saved points on other domestic flights needed this year.

Just looking for peoples opinions.


I think the business class on the a380 is already quite good but of course first class is over the top good so if you have the points and want to make this memorable, go for it!
If it’s on a 777, I’ll definitely go for first class instead of the 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 business class.


In my books, if you have the points, go First Class on Emirates as the tax (cash component) is the same for bothe Business and First. As the cash component is usually quite large, I find that I should maximise the benefits.

As it was mentioned, if its on B777, definitely worthwhile upgrading to F.

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First Class on the A380 on Emirates is amazing - that shower!!! Oh my god.

Business is lovely, but First is wonderful for a special treat.

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