Is it worthwhile joining the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus program?

Looking for some advice. I am travelling Thai airways from Kuala Lumpur/Bangkok/Brisbane in business class. I am not a member of TG frequent flyer as most of my flying these days are oneworld and my main programme is Qantas frequent flyer.

Is it worthwhile joining the Thai Royal Orchid Plus program or is there some other program that is more beneficial to me. I don’t generally fly Thai Airways (TG) and this is really a one off flight.


You can credit TG flights to Star Alliance Airlines such as Singapore Airlines. That might be a more useful one?

Singapore Krisflyer miles expire 3 years after being earned. You could transfer them to Velocity for a 1.35:1 reduction before they expire.

Thank you, very useful.  I am a member of Velocity and would at least benefit from the points.  The minefield of FF programs can be quite confusing.