Is it worth transferring Marriott points to Krisflyer miles?

This may be the dumbest “Gidget” question on the website but here goes. Need a little push in the right direction.
Have a first class Krisflyer redemption on ‘hold’ which I need to finalize asap before the change.

In the process of transferring points to Krisflyer account from all sources and was wondering if the exchange rate between Marriott to Krisflyer is worth doing?

Or is it not the most cost efficient way to use Marriott points? Couldn’t find a calculator on the website which would answer this question.

Or alternatively would it be better to utilize the Marriott points for one of those all inclusive getaway packages recently discussed?

Many thanks for your expertise and time,


I think its a 4:1 transfer rate from Marriott points to Krisflyer.

Marriott to Airmiles transfer rate

In terms of SPG pts, it is 1.333 SPG to 1 Krisflyer.

However, you could transfer to SPG 1st (3 Marriott pts to 1 SPG). Then 1 SPG:1 KF. Every 20k SPG you transfer, you get 5k bonus. E.g. 20k SPG transfers to 25k KF.

So regardless, transferring Marriott to SPG to KF would yield more KF.

Marriott to SPG transfer is instant too.