Is it worth me flying more to keep Velocity Platinum?

I have 100 status points I need to accrue between now and 19/10/16 to retain Platinum. What is the best way to do this? I can do a Sydney/Bris for 2 and a Sydney/Auckland for 2, which all up will cost around $1,000 - but I really don’t have the time so will just be flying for the sake of it (but I do love flying) is it worth it, or should I be happy with Gold? Also, if I use points to book these flights, do I accrue status points.

I hope this is not a stupid question… Thank you.

Hi T,

Gold and Platinum doesn’t seem to have much difference on first glance. Have a look at this page

If the additional benefits are not worth the $1000, just leave it.

Based on my understanding, booking with points doesn’t accrue status points, unfortunately. I would be very happy if someone tells me otherwise.


you won’t get status credits when booking with points FYI.