Is it worth joining Avios and Iberia after joining BA Executive Club?

Fellow point-hackers, I joined the BA Executive Club after reading this article: getting started – which frequent flyer programs should you join?

I understand that BA occasionally do OK-ish value point sales, and that they have potentially the best OW search engine out there.

However, for Avios and Iberia, I noted the following paragraphs:

Not commonly used – but Iberia and British Airways are owned by the same company, and use the same loyalty program currency – Avios, which are great value for short-haul domestic flights on Qantas in Australia.

Iberia occasionally run decent Avios purchase promotions (as do British Airways). Signing up for both Iberia Plus and will let you combine your Avios to/from BA and Iberia accounts. Feel free to skip if that sounds unlikely.

So my question is… would I only sign up to Iberia if I wanted to take advantage of their “decent” point sales, after factoring in the not-so-great exchange rate with the Euro for us? And I would then only sign up for Avios in order to link my BA account and Iberia account?

So if I didn’t want to sign up to Iberia, I shouldn’t bother with Avios?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but just seeking clarity here. :slight_smile:

So if I didn’t want to sign up to Iberia, I shouldn’t bother with Avios?

It’s helpful having all three sorted. There’s nothing lost other than your time in setting them up, and having the accounts open now means you can take advantage of any offers that come up later.