Is it true that there's no included airport transport provided for Qatar business class passenger?

I’m travelling Perth to Europe and return, but haven’t received notification of airport transport.

Hi @Carol

Qatar Airways does provide airport transport (for passengers in all classes of travel), but you need to book it and pay for it. The link, if you’re interested, is below.

I have never used their service and would be mildly surprised if they provided the cheapest or most value-for-money option. My advice would be to take a rideshare or taxi. I’ve used Uber many times in Europe and it’s a great option.

On the other hand, you might want to speak to your travel agent (or the airline, if you’ve booked directly), who might have booked you into a deal or package that includes airport transfers.

Hi sixtyeight,
Thanks for your informative reply. I booked the travel direct/online and so I wondered if I’d missed something - but clearly not. I’m quite surprised really, given that Emirates supplies transport to airports, and this is often mentioned when people talk about their trip. It’s my first time with Qatar, so I hope the rest of the trip will be memorable.

If it’s any consolation, I’d take Qatar business class without transport, over Emirates business class with transport, any day of the week. Have a great trip!