Is it possible to use Velocity Points to upgrade on Singapore Airlines?

My partner and I have booked economy flights Sydney to Tokyo via Singapore flying Singapore Airlines.
He is Velocity Gold Status and, following the first leg of the journey, I’ll also be bumped up to Velocity Gold.
Is there any way we can leverage our membership status or velocity points to upgrade to business on SingAir?
I can’t seem to see a points upgrade option…


Hi Kellydo4,

Velocity members can only ever use their velocity points for upgrades on VA operated flights with a VA flight number, so because your flights are with Singapore your Velocity points and status can’t be used to upgrade directly.

You could transfer your velocity points to your Krisflyer account if you have one (or open a new one and transfer velocity points in) and then request an upgrade from Singapore airlines, but then your velocity status will count for nothing and your upgrade will be allotted in line with your Krisflyer status if you have any.

So basically no, your VA status won’t do you any good in terms of bumping you up the list for an upgrade in this situation, however there are options available to you where you might still get the upgrade.

Hope that helps!