Is it possible to use Qantas points to upgrade a Qantas flight booked through an online travel agent?

Hi all!

Does anyone know if you can still make a flight upgrade request on a Qantas international flight that you have booked through an online travel agent (i.e and not through Qantas itself)?

The online travel agent has much cheaper flight options than the Qantas website, but I don’t want to disqualify myself from being able to seek an upgrade via Qantas FF points!

Many thanks!

There’s no inherent reason; it doesn’t matter where you buy the ticket, what matters is the booking class.\r\n\r\nThe only thing I would check is that you are getting the same class of ticket from each, just as if webjet or whoever are giving you a price for a sale economy fare which isn’t upgradable but you’re expecting to upgrade, then it sort of defeats the purpose. That might be why you’re getting it cheaper from somewhere else, if they have access to a cheaper booking class for whatever reason

I booked flights through STA Travel and have been able to request a points upgrade in my QFF account. My flights are in a class that’s eligible for points upgrades.